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Stock Photos on Demand: Tired of the stock photo giantssubscriptions, and special packages that force you to buy more than you want? We were so we decided to find a new approach.  If you're like us and are looking for a more partnership approach, then give us a try and get that personal attention you want and deserve. We will work as a team with a single goal, get the shot on demand!  From our site you can purchase digital download images individually for $3.00 each. Our stock is growing.  


Digital Download Instructions: Choose the image you would like to download, click "visit shop" to the upper right, choose Downloads from the list on top, and follow the instructions. You have options of Debit card, Credit card or PayPal. You will be sent a receipt and an email with the link to bring you back to the site and download to your device. You will get the option of where you want to save it. You won`t need to create an account if you choose not to, you can check out as a guest. The watermark will be removed automatically at checkout.


On Demand also means:  If you need a special image for a project, send us the details of the layout and general theme and if you need room for text (left, right, top, bottom).  We will develop a concept, shoot it, and have you decide if its right. It may take a couple of tries but we will get the shot for you!

Sometimes business relationships are about more than just making money. When we work together, that's when things really start to happen.


Models: We have pages with Female and Male models. You can search for a model who meets your expectations and that you feel will be a good fit for your project. Our model pages are password protected for the security of the models we represent. The passwords are available upon request.

Model access: As a stockphotosondemand Model you will be given access to the Model gallery but you won't be able to download any images. All model images are protected from unauthorized downloads.  Your portfolio is safe here; you don't have to worry about someone obtaining your images without your permission.

Potential Models: Join our growing list of Models.  Send us your favorite shot to along with your contact information. Clients can view your portfolio but can not download them or use them. When a client is interested in you for a project, the details will be sent to you to see if you're interested. If you are, the details of compensation will be negotiated.

Photographers Network: Join our growing network of photographers. We enlist photographers from around the globe to help our clients achieve their goals. If a client needs a model in your area, out of our general service area, you may be called to set up a photo shoot using the details outlined by the client. A compensatory agreement will be reached by all parties and the client will decide if the images will work for their project.

To join, send a watermarked image of your choosing (4 megabytes minimum) to along with your contact information. Your image and information will be password protected and cannot be downloaded. 

Or: We have a section called Images by other photographers, in it, we display your images so that a client can choose from them. Your image will be watermarked as to keep it safe. If chosen and purchased by a client you will be given credit as the photographer and paid $2.00 per image. (you will need a PayPal account)


Composite images: This is an image that is either a combination of subjects that have been combined, or an image that has been changed in a way that no longer represents the original image.

Vectors: Graphic representation of an image. Custom graphics / vectors / illustrations

Website design: Are you designing a website, document, or other item and want a cool texture or photo background?  We can help!  All you have to is select the texture gallery or any other portfolio gallery from the public galleries on this site.  Then purchase and download the images you want.  If you need a custom texture, send us a description and we will get it for you.


Headers/footers/background texture: View the titled gallery or let us know what you want and we will make it happen!


Business Cards: Add images and text to make unique business cards.  Find an image you like, select "visit shop", and follow the options on the next page.


Tattoo images: Do you have a tattoo that you never get to see? We can record an image of your tattoo that you can print and frame! Check out our Tattoo gallery.


Event Photography: Examples include sporting events, car shows, personal challenges, obstacle courses (such as the Spartan, Ninjas, Tough Mudder, Dirty Dash), or color runs, groups or individuals, reunions, your child's sporting events or recitals. [In the past we have actually joined the event and followed through the event with the clients to get that intimate shot that you never get from a selfie. It's like having a personal "Paparazzi"!]   For most events there is a flat fee of $25.00 to get us there, plus the price of the images, which is $2.50 each for loaded USB drive, $3.00 for digital down load from this site, or of course you can have them printed on many items including professional paper from this site.

USB Drives: We record so many images at an event that we recommend having them saved onto a USB drive. This way you can take them to your favorite image processor or share them digitally through social media. Actually this could be your best value, as you get more images. Example: Depending on the event you may purchase 100 images for $2.50 each as opposed to digital download at $3.00 each. It would be quite expensive to have this many images printed.

Private Galleries: When we shoot your event, you have the option of keeping your gallery private. We will issue you an access number so that you can view your gallery at anytime in private and select the images you want. You may choose to display your gallery on this website and invite friends and family to see them and share them on social media.

Do I have to purchase all the images in my gallery?  No. We usually record many more images than you would expect. it is unrealistic to expect you to purchase them all.  Simply choose the images you like and proceed through the check out process.  Eventually the gallery will TIME OUT and will no longer be available.

Visit Shop: There are many products to attach an image to including apparel, mouse pads, mugs, you name it! Check it out! Choose an image and visit shop to see what the product will look like with the image.


Photo Albums: Use your favorite images to create professional photo albums.


Important! When ordering prints, remember to click the box asking to edit the cropping to fit entire image.  Some files are very large and you may have to order a larger print to fully see the cropped image.  If you need a size that is not fitting correctly send us an email with the dimensions and we will custom crop it for you.  (FYI:  The most commonly used photo sizes are 3x5, 4x6, 8x10, and 11x14, but you can request other dimensions.) 


Approval of prints: Before printing, our images are proofed by professionals at 100% magnification for correct size and background "noise" or flaws.  The files are large JPEG and the images should work for any project.


Wagner Photography


Whether the photos are of nature, pets, special events, landscapes or portraits, our goal is to bring emotion and art together.  We are always open to new ideas and suggestions and view this as a partnership between us and you.  Let us work with you to get the photos you want.



We recently moved from Washington State to Sarasota County, Florida.  We're following our dreams so you'll see photos of different plants, animals, insects, surroundings, and sunsets.   We are confident this move will greatly improve our ability to bring you the best One-on-One photo service you deserve. Thank you for your support. 

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Originally from Washington State

Recently relocated to Sarasota, Florida 

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